Navaratri pudža Chamundai un Shivam

Sestdien, 12. okt. plkst. 9.00

Šo sestdien izkrīt īpaši labvēlīga Navaratri diena:

"The eighth day is one of the two important days for worship; and therefore called Mahashtami, the other day being Mahanavami.
The eighth day, when part of Navamii overlaps with it, is regarded as especially auspicious, for the ninth day is sacred for Parvati, while the eighth is the day of Shiva. Conjunction of the two is meritorious. It is Umaa - Mahesvarii.
The ninth day is Mahaanavamii. It is auspicious when Ashtamii continues on this day. This was the day on which Durgaa killed the demon Mahishaasura adn secured the welfare of the universe."

"Durga-Kosha" by Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao


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